Persian Languages Degree Courses in the UK - Bachelors & Masters

Program University Student satis­faction Unem­ployed Drop­out Tuition (UK) Tuition (Inter­national) UCAS Tariff City
The University of Edinburgh 72% 2% 4% £9250 £23100 176 Edinburgh On campus Full-time
The University of Edinburgh 69% 0% 5% £9250 £23100 172 Edinburgh On campus Full-time
The University of Edinburgh 69% 2% 5% £9250 £23100 174 Edinburgh On campus Full-time
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Student Reviews

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Primarily based on salary data of undergraduate students

Salary of all UK Graduates of Persian Languages

  15 months after graduation 3 years after graduation 5 years after graduation
Median salary £24000 £20778 £27065
25-75 percentile range £20000 - £30000 £13333 - £28481 £19387 - £35484

Jobs & Career Perspectives

Career perspectives for Persian Languages

15 months after graduation, graduates of this subject were asked about their current circumstances of employment, what they do, and whether their activities and perspectives are directly related to their studies.

Typical employers for graduates of Persian Languages

  • Business Services
  • Charity Work
  • Media Sector
  • Museums and Libraries
  • Public Administration Sector
  • Teaching Institutions
  • Tourism Sector
  • Transport and Logistics Sector

Required skill level of job after 15 months

Among graduates of Persian Languages who indicated that they are working, the percentage below represents the number of highly skilled vs non-highly skilled jobs (Unistats).

% Skilled jobs

Jobs of graduates of Persian Languages (15 months after graduation)

Example below based on all graduates of Persian Languages at SOAS, University of London

25% Business, Research and Administrative Professionals
15% Natural and social science professionals
15% Business and public service associate professionals
10% Administrative occupations
10% Finance Professionals
5% Sales occupations
5% Media Professionals
5% Science, engineering and technology associate professionals
5% Artistic, literary and media occupations

Entry Requirements / Admissions

UCAS Tariff of Accepted Students for Persian Languages

Do you not fulfill the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements?
Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still be able to join Persian Languages.


  • The following degrees are offered for Persian Languages studies:
  • Master of Arts (Honours) - MA (Hons)

The median salary of graduates of Persian Languages was £24000 15 months after graduation, £20778 3 years after graduation and £27065 5 years after graduation.

Persian and English Literature at The University of Edinburgh received the highest rating among all graduates in the National Student Survey year with a rating of 72 out of 100 among 67 respondents.