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Our BSc Product Design and Management course is offered as either a three or four year course with integrated placement year. It is stimulating, relevant, challenging and rewarding. We aim to provide you with the knowledge of materials, production processes and technology as well as skills in aesthetics, ergonomics and management that will enable you to develop a successful career in design.

Design is increasingly used as a strategic commercial tool to make a difference beyond the boundaries of simply the physical product. Companies use design to change culture and develop new business models.

This course will appeal to those designers who wish to work across the broad range of business functions and design opportunities in a rapidly changing international market. We aim to develop a new generation of creative designers with knowledge, skills and concepts that will be valued by all sectors of design, development, production and business. Live projects will be undertaken on campus and you are encouraged to work with students from other courses ranging from business to engineering, covering a range of disciplines, sharing experiences and ideas, just as in industry.

Career opportunities exist for our graduates in design, general management and consultancy, technology, engineering and education. Our students are able to demonstrate creative design skills alongside sound technical knowledge and experience, a balance which employers consider to be an advantage.

Key course benefits:

  • Accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED)

  • Ranked 8th in the UK for Graduate Prospects (Complete University Guide, 2018)

  • Our optional placement year offers you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and set your studies in the context of a working environment, to boost your future employment prospects.

Accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers for the purposes of fully meeting the academic requirements for Registered Product Designer (RProdDes).

Student Reviews

Below you can see course specific reviews for 13 graduates of Product Design and Management BSc (Hons) at Aston University for each of the survey questions in comparison to the average for all UK degree courses in Product Design.

Overall student satisfaction
92 /100
13 total respondents

Primarily based on data from undergraduate degree students.

The NSS is commissioned by the Office for Students


Salary of Graduates of Product Design and Management BSc (Hons) at Aston University

Important: Salary data below is not course specific, but contains data of all students of Product Design and Management BSc (Hons) at the university. Due to data collection methodology, salary data is mainly based on data related to undergraduate students.

  15 months after graduation 3 years after graduation 5 years after graduation
Median salary £28000 £30500 £37000
25-75 percentile range £24000 - £31000 £23500 - £34500 £28000 - £44000

Salary of all UK Graduates of Product Design

  15 months after graduation 3 years after graduation 5 years after graduation
Median salary £29504 £31682 £36736
25-75 percentile range £24565 - £33336 £25601 - £39326 £29731 - £45361

What You Will Learn

Programme content: As a student of Product Design and Management, BSc (Hons) you will study the following course modules.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Jobs & Career Perspectives

15 months after graduation, graduates of this course were asked about what they do and, if they are working, about their current job and their perspectives.

Current jobs

Job in line with future plans

Utilise skills from studies

Work is meaningful

Required skill level of job after 15 months

% Skilled jobs

Jobs of graduates of this course (15 months after graduation)

Example below based on all graduates of Product Design and Management BSc (Hons) at Aston University

25% Managers, directors and senior officials
10% Engineering professionals
10% Web and Multimedia Design Professionals
10% Science, engineering and technology associate professionals
10% Design occupations
10% Business and public service associate professionals
5% Administrative occupations
5% Skilled trades occupations
5% Sales occupations
5% Process, plant and machine operatives

Entry Requirements / Admissions

UCAS Tariff of Accepted Students for this course

Qualification requirements

Including a Science or Technical Subject (Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology Further Maths, Design Technology, Engineering Science and Electronics): BBC: Standard offer BCC: If the student is also presenting either Core Maths or Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) grade B CCC: Contextual offer (more details

Subject related Access with at level 3.

with 5, 5, 4 in Higher Level subjects including a Science or Technical subject.

in either a Engineering/Science or Technical subject. For other BTEC combinations please see Aston's web pages.

Requirements for international students / English requirements

IELTS academic test score (similar tests may be accepted as well)

    • 5.5
    • Undergraduate Degrees
Do you not fulfill the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements?
Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still be able to join Product Design and Management, BSc (Hons).


Tuition Fees Product Design and Management BSc (Hons)

England UK £9250 year 1
Northern Ireland £9250 year 1
Scotland £9250 year 1
Wales £9250 year 1
International £20200 year 1

Additional fee information

For Sandwich courses the placement fee is £1250 for Home/UK students and £2,500 for International students.
* Please note that the tuition fees stated are for 2022 entry. 2023 tuition fees are subject to approval and will be published on this website at the earliest opportunity.
**The latest information relating to EU students and tuition fees for 2022 can be found on the UCAS website at:
***The United Kingdom government has confirmed that European Union EU, other European Economic Area EEA and Swiss nationals commencing academic courses in England from August 2021 will no longer be eligible for home fee status.
^^Tuition fees for students are reviewed annually and may increase in subsequent years in line with inflation linked to the Retail Price Index RPI to take account of the University’s increased costs of delivering the Programme. Any such increase shall always be in accordance with the law.

Average student cost of living in the UK

Rent £518
Water, gas electricity, internet (at home) £50
Supermarket shopping £81
Clothing £35
Eating out £33
Alcohol £27
Takeaways / food deliveries £30
Going out / entertainment (excl.alcohol, food) £24
Holidays and weekend trips £78
Transport within city £17
Self-care / sports £20
Stationary / books £13
Mobile phone / internet £13
Cable TV / streaming £7
Insurance £51
Other £95
Average student cost of living £1092

London costs approx 34% more than average, mainly due to rent being 67% higher than average of other cities. For students staying in student halls, costs of water, gas, electricity, wifi are generally included in the rental. Students in smaller cities where accommodation is in walking/biking distance transport costs tend to be significantly smaller.

How to apply

Application deadline:

January 1, 2024

This is the deadline for applications to be completed and sent for this course. If the university or college still has places available you can apply after this date, but your application is not guaranteed to be considered.

Possible Entry Points:

  • year 1 (Default entry point)

University Rankings

Positions of Aston University in top UK and global rankings.

See all university rankings of Aston University

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About Aston University

Aston University was established in 1895 in Birmingham, England. With students from over 120 countries, Aston University is proud to call itself a safe and welcoming campus for international students. As a publicly funded research university, students enrolled on all courses enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including robotics labs and laser cutting workshops. With a strong academic reputation around the world, applicants can expect to graduate as formidable experts in their chosen fields.

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