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Biological Science (Optional pathways in Ecology and Environmental Management/Genomics/Pharmacology/Pre-Med) MSc
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Key Course Facts


Salary of Graduates in Biosciences

Important: Salary data below is not course specific, but contains data of all students of biosciences (non-specific) at the university. Due to data collection methodology, salary data is mainly based on data related to undergraduate students.

  15 months after graduation 3 years after graduation 5 years after graduation
Median salary £22500 £20500 £24000
25-75 percentile range £9000 - £25500 £15500 - £24000 £18000 - £29500

Salary of all UK Graduates of Biosciences

  15 months after graduation 3 years after graduation 5 years after graduation
Median salary £25000 £30929 £35939
25-75 percentile range £20952 - £29144 £23857 - £42071 £28098 - £51622

Course Description

Our versatile Biological Science degree will help you understand and examine the living world around you. There has never been a better time to position yourself as a bioscientist by studying on our biological science degree. Recent breakthroughs have given biologists insights and tools for the investigation of pressing questions like never before. Whatever area of the biological sciences you are interested in, be it genetics and genomics, medicines development or ecological interactions and sustainability - this degree has the scope and flexibility to support your development.

This degree can be completed in a number of different ways, you can either study biological science as a broad degree, or branch off into one of our specialist pathways during your degree.

If you would like to study for an advanced qualification, we offer the integrated Masters MSci course over four years.

We also offer a 3yr Full Time course and a 4yr Full Time (with a placement year). In addition if you do not meet our direct entry requirements for degree level study, then a BSc (Hons) with a Foundation Year is available. You’ll study your first year at Stoke-on-Trent College and on successful completion join the BSc (Hons) course at the Stoke-on-Trent university campus. High levels of tutor support and guidance will prepare you for degree level study. The foundation year for this course has a long successful track record in providing a smooth transition onto our BSc (Hons) Biological Science degree. This route is useful if you have only studied sciences up to GCSE level or have had a break in your studies.

Course content You have the first year of your degree (full-time) to decide whether your interest lies in a particular field, or whether the broad knowledge of the subject will better benefit your future career. If you do have a more specialist interest, this course also has designated learning pathways in your second and third years to allow you to focus on areas including Ecology and Environmental Management, Genomics, Pharmacology, and Pre-Med. The best thing about our learning pathways is that you can wait until second year to decide if you wish to specialise. Whichever route you take through your biological science degree, upon completion, you will be ideally placed for graduate employment or postgraduate study.

On successful completion of study, we will issue the following award: MSci Biological Science.

Should you successfully complete your study via one of the learning pathways, then we will issue one of the following awards in line with your chosen pathway:

MSci Biological Science (Genomics) MSci Biological Science (Ecology and Environmental Management) MSci Biological Science (Pre-Med) MSci Biological Science (Pharmacology)

What You Will Learn

Programme content: As a student of Biological Science (Optional pathways in Ecology and Environmental Management/Genomics/Pharmacology/Pre-Med), MSc you will study the following course modules.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Jobs & Career Perspectives

15 months after graduation, graduates of this course were asked about what they do and, if they are working, about their current job and their perspectives.

Current jobs

Required skill level of job after 15 months

Jobs of graduates of this course (15 months after graduation)

Example below based on all graduates of Biological Science (Optional pathways in Ecology and Environmental Management/Genomics/Pharmacology/Pre-Med) MSc at Staffordshire University

20% Teaching Professionals
20% Business and public service associate professionals
10% Caring personal services
10% Elementary occupations
10% Managers, directors and senior officials
10% Natural and social science professionals
10% Conservation and environment professionals
10% Media Professionals
10% Science, engineering and technology associate professionals

Entry Requirements / Admissions

Minimum Required UCAS Tariff

UCAS Tariff of Accepted Students for biosciences (non-specific)

Qualification requirements

Pass Access to HE Diploma with 128 UCAS points. 12 units should be in Biology.

Requirements for international students / English requirements

IELTS academic test score (similar tests may be accepted as well)

    • 4.5
    • Foundation / Pathway Courses
    • 6.5
    • Others
    • 5.0
    • Others for specific English Language and undergraduate awards for overseas students
    • 6.5
    • Graduate Degrees
    • 7.0
    • Graduate Degrees Journalism
    • 6.5
    • Undergraduate Degrees
    • 6.5
    • Undergraduate Degrees Journalism and Media Studies

Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still study Biological Science (Optional pathways in Ecology and Environmental Management/Genomics/Pharmacology/Pre-Med), MSc, if you do not meet the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements.


Tuition Fees Biological Science (Optional pathways in Ecology and Environmental Management/Genomics/Pharmacology/Pre-Med) MSc

England UK £9250 year 1
Northern Ireland £9250 year 1
Scotland £9250 year 1
Wales £9250 year 1
Channel Islands £9250 year 1
EU £14000 year 1
International £14000 year 1

Average student cost of living in the UK

Rent £518
Water, gas electricity, internet (at home) £50
Supermarket shopping £81
Clothing £35
Eating out £33
Alcohol £27
Takeaways / food deliveries £30
Going out / entertainment (excl.alcohol, food) £24
Holidays and weekend trips £78
Transport within city £17
Self-care / sports £20
Stationary / books £13
Mobile phone / internet £13
Cable TV / streaming £7
Insurance £51
Other £95
Average student cost of living £1092

London costs approx 34% more than average, mainly due to rent being 67% higher than average of other cities. For students staying in student halls, costs of water, gas, electricity, wifi are generally included in the rental. Students in smaller cities where accommodation is in walking/biking distance transport costs tend to be significantly smaller.

How to apply

Application deadline:

January 1, 2024

This is the deadline for applications to be completed and sent for this course. If the university or college still has places available you can apply after this date, but your application is not guaranteed to be considered.

Possible Entry Points:

  • year 1 (Default entry point)

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About Staffordshire University

Established in 1970, Staffordshire University offers students the opportunity to become a part of the diverse and lively city of Stoke-on-Trent, West Midlands. This university provides a rich experience in a variety of disciplines, including state-of-the art Specialist Technical Facilities, such as their Motion Capture suites for Biomechanics students, or the Simulation Hospital Wards for those in the Medical programme. International learners can also benefit from language support offered by the university’s designated teams, ensuring both a strong academic and social start.

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Stoke on trent campus
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