The London School of Economics and Political Science
Economics and Management MSc
The London School of Economics and Political Science

Key Course Facts

Course Description

The programme is aimed at students with a strong analytical and quantitative background, and offers an unparalleled experience to challenge your perspectives on the way firms and markets operate, and to develop lifelong skills as a talented and innovative manager and economist across two of the highest profile departments at LSE. Combining an exceptional level of analytical training in economics with the more applied scope of a management degree, this is a unique programme that allows students to graduate with the ability to tackle complex decisions, deal with unknown changes in today’s rapidly changing world, and champion new ideas to drive innovation in firms and markets.

Entry Requirements / Admissions

LSE graduate support scheme. Other scholarships and awards are available.
Do you not fulfill the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements?
Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still be able to join Economics and Management, MSc.

1st Class Honours degree, or equivalent, in economics.


Tuition Fees Economics and Management MSc

EU £30360 year 1
England UK £30360 year 1
Northern Ireland £30360 year 1
Scotland £30360 year 1
Wales £30360 year 1
International £30960 year 1

Average student cost of living in London

Rent £518
Water, gas electricity, internet (at home) £50
Supermarket shopping £81
Clothing £35
Eating out £33
Alcohol £27
Takeaways / food deliveries £30
Going out / entertainment (excl.alcohol, food) £24
Holidays and weekend trips £78
Transport within city £17
Self-care / sports £20
Stationary / books £13
Mobile phone / internet £13
Cable TV / streaming £7
Insurance £51
Other £95
Average student cost of living £1092

London costs approx 34% more than average, mainly due to rent being 67% higher than average of other cities. For students staying in student halls, costs of water, gas, electricity, wifi are generally included in the rental. Students in smaller cities where accommodation is in walking/biking distance transport costs tend to be significantly smaller.

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About The London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics (LSE) is a Russell Group university, and is one of the member institutions of the University of London. Situated in the Westminster area of Central London, LSE is home to a diverse student body that comes from around the country and overseas to be a part of the experience.

Where is this programme taught

London School of Economics and Political Science
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