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Combining law with Spanish is both stimulating and a smart career move. You’ll divide your study equally between both subjects. It offers a broad grounding in key concepts associated with law and in the use of Spanish. With this certificate, you’ll raise your legal awareness and acquire skills of legal analysis and methods. The study of Spanish opens doors to other cultures and communities, and can provide a key to the global workplace.

Key features of the course

  • Develops a broad understanding of the role of law in society today.

  • Provides you with legal awareness and the skills of legal analysis and methods.

  • Develops you into an independent user of Spanish, reaching level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Develops broad knowledge of the cultures that use Spanish, and basic intercultural communication competence.

Entry Requirements / Admissions

Requirements for international students / English requirements

IELTS academic test score (similar tests may be accepted as well)

Do you not fulfill the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements?
Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still be able to join Law and Spanish (T46-SPA), CertHE.

Visa Requirements for International Students

Visa requirement

All international students (including citizens from EU countries) intending to study this or any other academic programme for more than 6 months in the UK require a Student Visa.

International students younger than 18 years require a special Child Student Visa. Exceptions from this general rule may apply to holders of other UK work visas, British National Overseas visa, family member visa and recognised refugees or asylum seekers.

Permission to work while studying

The Open University is listed by the UK government as an institution licensed to sponsor migrant students.

Student visa holders from licensed institutions are entitled to work during their full-time bachelor's, master's or Phd studies for
- 20h/week during the term
- Full-time outside term time (e.g. vacations, work placements, once course ended)

After completion of a bachelor's or master's programme of at least 12 months Student Visa holders of licensed institutions can convert their visa into a Graduate Visa which entitles graduates to work for 2 years in the UK.


Average student cost of living in UK

Rent £518
Water, gas electricity, internet (at home) £50
Supermarket shopping £81
Clothing £35
Eating out £33
Alcohol £27
Takeaways / food deliveries £30
Going out / entertainment (excl.alcohol, food) £24
Holidays and weekend trips £78
Transport within city £17
Self-care / sports £20
Stationary / books £13
Mobile phone / internet £13
Cable TV / streaming £7
Insurance £51
Other £95
Average student cost of living £1092

London costs approx 34% more than average, mainly due to rent being 67% higher than average of other cities. For students staying in student halls, costs of water, gas, electricity, wifi are generally included in the rental. Students in smaller cities where accommodation is in walking/biking distance transport costs tend to be significantly smaller.

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