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Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology (MSc) MSc
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Forensic anthropology is the analysis of human remains for the medico-legal purpose of establishing identity. It plays a key role in UK and international investigations in cases of inter-personal violence and homicide, repatriation, mass disasters, and war crimes.

You will learn how forensic anthropology contributes to the analysis and interpretation of human remains. Many of our expert staff are forensic practitioners. They will help you gain the skills needed to interpret juvenile skeletal remains, produce and present forensic skeletal reports, and learn how these reports are used in the legal process.

You will also gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of gross anatomy through full body dissection of Thiel embalmed cadavers. These cadavers are soft-fix, which means they retain real-to-life qualities, including realistic colour, tissue quality, and flexibility.

You will have access to our skeletal collections helping you learn how each bone in the body forms and develops, and how this knowledge can be applied to the identification process. Our collections include:

The unique Scheuer collection of juvenile skeletal remains The adult osteology collection The animal osteology collection

Assessment is through: Practical spot examinations; online assessment; traditional essay based examination.

Entry Requirements / Admissions

Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still study Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology (MSc), MSc, if you do not meet the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements.

A degree at 2:1 or above (or equivalent) in osteology, physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, anatomy or a related subject. Alternatively an ability to demonstrate considerable experience in a relevant field will be required.


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The University of Dundee is a publicly funded institution in the small and diverse city of Dundee, Scotland. Particularly well known for their research work in the fields of Health and Climate Change, student researchers here feel that they can make a difference at home and abroad. Students discover a friendly, safe, and welcoming city in Dundee, where inhabitants are able to get to most of their commitments either by bike or even on foot.

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