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Key Course Facts


Salary of all UK Graduates of

  15 months after graduation 3 years after graduation 5 years after graduation
Median salary £29821 £25150 £29857
25-75 percentile range £24771 - £35770 £18886 - £32933 £21689 - £41100

Course Description

This new and exciting programme is designed to develop the necessary skills and knowledge for employment or progression to a top-up degree programme. The HND Computing (HTQ) provides technical training with the skills, knowledge and behaviours crucial to the digital economy, equipping you with the skills to join the digital workforce. You will apply your skills and knowledge on a work-related placement to develop the right skills and competencies for the workplace. The programme is delivered by industry experts and education professionals who have extensive computing knowledge, as well as industrial and commercial experience. Classrooms and computing laboratories are equipped with up-to-date software and networking tech and you will have access to a laptop and equipment to develop your own project.

Modules include: Programming, Networking, Professional Practice, Database design & development, Security, Managing a successful computing project; Website design and development, Maths for Computing, plus additional units: Business intelligence, Robotics, Internet of things, Emerging technologies, Games design theory, Games development and a computing research project.

The programmes are assessed via a variety of methods, from written assignments and practical work to course work.

Entry Requirements / Admissions

Get advice on which foundation courses are best for you to still study Computing for England (HTQ), HND, if you do not meet the minimum requirements in terms of UCAS score, A levels, or English language requirements.


Tuition Fees Computing for England (HTQ) HND

England UK £7500 year 1
Northern Ireland £7500 year 1
Scotland £7500 year 1
Wales £7500 year 1

Average student cost of living in the UK

Rent £518
Water, gas electricity, internet (at home) £50
Supermarket shopping £81
Clothing £35
Eating out £33
Alcohol £27
Takeaways / food deliveries £30
Going out / entertainment (excl.alcohol, food) £24
Holidays and weekend trips £78
Transport within city £17
Self-care / sports £20
Stationary / books £13
Mobile phone / internet £13
Cable TV / streaming £7
Insurance £51
Other £95
Average student cost of living £1092

London costs approx 34% more than average, mainly due to rent being 67% higher than average of other cities. For students staying in student halls, costs of water, gas, electricity, wifi are generally included in the rental. Students in smaller cities where accommodation is in walking/biking distance transport costs tend to be significantly smaller.

About Wigan and Leigh College

Wigan and Leigh College is a general Further Education and Higher Education provider with five campus sites divided between the towns of Wigan and Leigh, in England.

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